Coronavirus UPDATE

Previous note - posted MArch 17 2020.


Re - Coronavirus Safety and Health 

On March 16th2020, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Provincial Health Officer, issued an order that effective immediately there is a prohibition on permitting a gathering of people in excess of 50 people at any location within BC. The main reason for this order is to limit persons infected with COVID-19 infecting others through close contact. 

In order to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this order the leadership team of St. Andrew’s & St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church have decided to close our building effective immediately to ALL groups that meet within its facility, no matter the size, to reduce any risk of transmission of this disease. That includes our worship services and ministry meetings.  We take this action not out of anxiety rooted in self-protection but out of love (most in our congregation are neither over 70 years old nor with compromised immune systems). One of the basic axioms of the Christian life is that the “strong” must consider the “weak”. We are making these choices not to minimize our own risk, but to protect others from risk.

These are uncertain times, fear and anxiety is in our communities. We want to ensure we do our part to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We know you will support that desire.

In order to facilitate a worship time for us, we will live stream a worship service, at 10:30am, each Sunday, using ZOOM.

In order to prepare for these services you need to setup your computer / iPad, by following these simple instructions :-

For MAC / PC ...

1. Click on
2. Click on "join a meeting"
3. If you have never used ZOOM before then you will be prompted to download / install the ZOOM App on your computer.
4. Once installed you will be able to enter the "meeting ID", which is 7959307120, in order to join the meeting.
5. PLEASE ensure you select "turn off my video" before joining the meeting.
6. (Added after test call on MArch 19 2020) In order to hear the AUDIO you must NOT click the "DIAL IN" option. (That option is for connecting to a meeting using a telephone). So click on use "AUDIO on DEVICE" or however it is termed on your device to hear the audio from the Sanctuary.

For IPAD. FIRE ...
Go to your APPstore and download the ZOOM APP.
Once the APP is installed you should be able to join the meeting using the instructions in 4 to 6 above.