For some years now a few “small” groups have been meeting in people’s houses. Over the past couple of years more groups have formed.

Some people have asked what makes a “small” group?

I don’t think the size is the focus, except to say this. I do not believe that any of us can grow spiritually if we merely attend church services on Sundays. Some of you may be shocked at reading that but the reason I believe it is because on Sundays by and large most people are “passive participants” in the service. Being part of a “smaller-group-then-the-size-of-the-congregation-on-Sundays” permits active discussion, interaction, learning that leads to growth.

Our church vision believes in growth, after all we state that they want to “nurture” one another. How?

According to our framework for ministry I believe elements of that nurturing is done through

  1. Inviting people to enjoy the riches of Christ’s grace;
  2. Growing in Christ together; and
  3. Serving with our passions and talents in Christ’s name.

“Small” groups are, without a doubt, a crucial part of how we nurture that “growth.”

As such I want to RENAME these “small” groups to “LIFE GROUPS.”

LIFE GROUPS are all about meeting with others in order to share in the LIFE of the Triune God and to grow more CHRISTLIKE as you become filled with His LIFE-giving SPIRIT.

If you want to see the contact names and numbers for ongoing LIFE GROUPS, at SASS, please click ...