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St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian
2641 Chesterfield Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7N 3M3

Phone: 604-987-6800
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2024 Rummage Sale
Annual Congregational Meeting
Our Annual Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday March 10th 2024, following our fellowship lunch

All recommendations as presented in the 2023 Annual Congregational Report, from the Session and the Board, were approved as printed.

Joseph Whiteside, interim clerk of session, presented a brief explanation regarding the preparation of the 2024 budget. This has been added to the 2023 ACR.

Our 2023 financials and 2024 budget were presented by Frances Potgieter and approved as circulated.

Thank you to everyone who “attended” the Annual Meeting, in-person or online via ZOOM, and special thanks to Sandi Romain for taking the minutes. As suggested we will endeavour to circulate the draft minutes as soon as possible.

If anyone has any questions about the ACR/ACM please email me directly.

Pastor Martin


Our UPDATED 2023 Annual Congregational Report is available by clicking on ...
SASS Newsletter
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Lent 2024

LENT 2024 (starting Wednesday Feb 14th)

Lent is a season to relfect on life, who we are, what the world has become, why we need Jesus?

This year we are going to base our Sunday worship reflections on the boon "Broken Signposts" by N.T. Wright.

In his words ...

You may remember that there’s an old legend about two philosophers in ancient Greece who had opposite reactions to the world each day.

When the first one got up and looked out of his front door. He burst out laughing the world was so full of amazing curious and delightful things. But each day when the second one got up and looked out of his door, he burst into tears. The world was so full of sorrow and tragedy of beauty trampled upon and virtue unrewarded life spoiled now, they were both right that’s what this book is about but their laughter and their tears are not the end of the story.

When I wrote simply Christian 15 years ago, I began with four things that all humans know are important important but puzzling. I named them as Justice, Spirituality, Relationships and Beauty. We all know they matter but we all mess them up. It’s only when we start to tell the story of the God revealed in Jesus, the God active by the spirit of Jesus that things start to make sense after all and we start to be able to find our way back into those four.

In this new book, I’ve added three more to the list Freedom, Truth and Power. This follows the seventh chapter of my more academic book, History and Eschatology, which came out not long ago.

The point about all these seven is that they seem to be signposts pointing to some great truth about life. But as we approach them, It turns out the signposts are all broken.

Justice is denied. Spirituality sometimes seems me a fantasy. Relationships turn sour, and so on and so on. Truth collapses into fake news.

But the question then of what is the meaning of life and how can we tell hinges on whether we just laugh or whether we just cry or whether we search for deeper meanings.

In this book what I’ve done is to read through John’s gospel in relation to each one of those seven.

John is one of the all-time favorite books in the Christian Bible and I find that it addresses all those seven in ways that many readers of John might never have imagined. And that many people who reflect on Justice and relationships and beauty and so on might never have imagined either.

So that’s what this book is all about.

It’s about the meaning of life.

Join us on Sundays, at 10am, during LENT to relfect on life. 

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To be a God-centered, Christ-like, Spirit-filled community church.

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Because God the Father, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to a personal relationship with Him by faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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