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SASS Weekly Newsletter - August 1 2020
by Pastor Martin

SASS Weekly Newsletter

August 1 2020


2020 Summer Sermon Series

From July 5 to Sept 6, 2020, we are going through a series entitled “Questions Jesus asked.”


So far we have looked at :-

  1. Which is lawful on a Sabbath, to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it? Luke 6:1-11
  2. Can the blind lead the blind? Luke 6:37-42
  3. Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:13-20
  4. Who is your neighbour? Luke 10:25-37

During August we will be delving in to the following questions

  1. August 2 - What do you want me to do for you? Pastor Martin, Mark 10:35-52
  2. August 9 - Why do you call me good? Pastor Ken Bell, Mark 10:17-27
  3. August 16 - Why did you doubt? Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart, Matthew 14:22-36
  4. August 23 - How many loaves do you have? Pastor Daniel, Mark 6:30-44
  5. August 30 - Who touched me? Pastor Daniel, Mark 5:21-43
  6. September 6 - Do you love me? Pastor Todd Wiebe, John 21:15-19


Catch up on our Sunday Worship services on our YouTube channel, which you can access through our homepage,, or by simple searching for “SASS Presbyterian” on YouTube.



Take note – as part of the August 2 and September 6 services we will celebrate the sacrament of communion so please prepare bread and wine in advance.


SASS Congregational Survey …


Thank you to the many of you who replied. Your opinion matters and the Session will be meeting in early August to discuss your responses, along with the latest information from the Provincial Health Officer.


Competition Time


Last week’s answers …


“How well do you know your SASS elders?”



I asked our elders to give me one “interesting” fact about themselves. Did you guess who’s who …



Obviously this was not an easy quiz but I hoped you had fun guessing who was who. Strangely enough some of you think Nicola speaks like a clucking chicken, David has a big nose, and Liz is our obvious Elvis fan. The winner(s) last week were the elders for being great sports. Thanks! So here are the correct answers.

  1. This elder used to be fluent in semaphone - Gray
  2. This elder played the Oboe in school - Nicola
  3. This elder has not mowed the lawn in 25 years – Ev, “Well done good and faithful Sandi!”
  4. This elder once was the voice of the clucking Cadbury Easter Crème Bunny - John
  5. This elder was the 1982 South Western Ontario Trivial Pursuit champion - David
  6. This elder’s teenage nick-name was Nose - Alan
  7. This elder went to an Elvis convention for their 19th birthday (sort of) - Laura
  8. This elder speaks “sotho” - Colleen
  9. This elder was a valedictorian - Bill

10.This elder was an extra in a movie starring John Travolta – Liz. In fact Liz coached John Travolta during the movie “Look Who’s Talking?”

11.This elder used to herd cows on a ranch in Alberta - Paul

12.This elder used to ride a dirt bike with friends - Nicole

13.This elder was born in S. Yemen. - Jane

14.This elder has just recently understood what their pastor means by “Sam’s” – He who shall not be named


This week’s quiz …


Places in the Bible


Can you unscramble the letters to solve the place names?


Extra points for a Biblical reference for each place …
















Email your answers to



Take note – as part of the August 2 and September 6 

ZOOM Worship Services 

we will celebrate the sacrament of communion 

so please prepare bread and wine in advance.











To access the materials, go to …

Scroll & click on the week you would like to access. Then select the activity and follow the prompt to login, using the following info …

username - CampDouglas2020
password - Camp Douglas 2020

The Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall is pleased to offer a Certificate in Missional Leadership for individuals and congregational teams (in person and online) beginning in September 2020.  The three-year program has the overall focus of, “Forming and Reforming Communities of Christ in a Secular Age” with the first year specifically exploring “Missional Foundations during Covid and Beyond”.  Individuals and congregational teams sign up one year at a time by contacting Mavis Ho (

Here are four distinguishing features of this course:

1.     The wide experience of the leadership team including Tim Dickau (30 years at Grandview), Darrell Guder (50 years of missional writing), Ross Lockhart (Pastor of parishes across Canada and a leader in denominational renewal) and Andrea Perrett (church planting leadership). 

2.     The opportunity to use the course as a visioning catalyst for your community coming through and out of Covid-19. 

3.     Concrete and creative examples of mission that will open your imagination for new possibilities in your context. 

4.     A process of learning that will lead your community further into your neighborhood, your relationships with neighbours, your engagement with systemic issues and your ability to form other followers of Christ. 

For more information please see:





“O God, you are the light of the hearts 

that see you,

The life of the souls that love you,

And the strength of the thoughts t

hat seek you:

to turn from you is to fall,

to turn to you is to rise,

to abide in you is to stand fast forever.”


On Sunday July 26 we were led in prayer in our morning worship by Emily Lockhart, with the above words. Thank you Emily.


Later in the service Laura Lockhart led us in the prayers of the people. May these prayers be our prayers as we enter in to the second half of the summer season.


Gracious God our creator, you made the heavens, the starry skies, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and along the multitudes of heaven and the communion of saints above we join our voices with those around the globe this day who worship you with gladness and adoration. 


We acknowledge, O Lord, that we inhabit a beautiful yet broken world, a place of spectacular experiences, as well as the reality that this is a fallen world, marked by sin and systemic injustice.  Your creation is full of wonder and worry.  Indeed, in such a time as this, there is grief in our hearts, anxiety on our minds, suffering before our eyes. We need your mercy, your intercession, your love. 


Lord, in your mercy 

Hear our prayer 


God our healer, we pray for your world in the midst of a global pandemic. You say that those who sit down in the High God’s presence, under the shadow of the Almighty should fear nothing: Not disease that prowls through the darkness, not disaster that erupts at midday. (Psalm 91) 


We pray fear-less-ness among your people. 

For the doctors, nurses, and other frontline healthcare workers, we pray. Direct their hands, protect them from illness, sustain their energy, we ask in your Name. 

For research & science to break through & find solutions, LORD, we ask for favour. You have promised to heal every ill and wipe every tear, but your FULL life has not come entirely, not yet; so, in this time, we pray. 


Lord, in your mercy 

Hear our prayer 


Govern and direct your global and diverse church; fill it with love and truth; and grant it that unity which is your will.


Enlighten all ministers as Teaching Elders with knowledge and understanding of your Word, that by their preaching and compassionate living they may declare it clearly and show its truth.

Encourage and enliven your Ruling Elders that they may care for those in the church and broader community, their lives an example and inspiration for discipleship and the holiness and sanctification that comes only as a gift of grace from the Holy Spirit.


Bless and keep all your baptized people, that all may exercise their vocation as a witness to the gospel in the world whatever work or volunteer situation you may place them in.


Lord, in your mercy 

Hear our prayer 


God of justice, we pray for the poor. For the unemployed, the laid off, the economically vulnerable. For those without, or with low resources at this time. Lead us as agents of grace to share in generosity and help with our ability. 


God of the oppressed, for any who are abused, under loved, unsafe in their homes, Lord Jesus, we pray for intercession. Hear the cry of those in misery and in need of rescue. 

Jesus, you weep as we weep. Bring your comfort & presence to the many who suffer. 


O God, whom we cannot love unless we love our neighbors, remove hate and prejudice from us and from all people, so that your children may be reconciled with those we fear, resent, or threaten; and live together in your peace;


Lord, in your mercy 

Hear our prayer 


God may we draw near to you in our fears, in our loneliness, in our boredom, in our suffering. May we elevate your Name in gratitude for the gifts we too often take for granted. May we seek your true, firm character — in scripture, in the person of Jesus Christ, and in the Presence of your Holy Spirit: your witness, your counsellor, your holy presence dwelling in us today.


God, you have given us grace to pray with one heart and one voice; You have promised to hear the prayers of two or three who agree in your name; hear us now as we pray together across the miles and through this online platform.  Fulfil, we pray, the prayers and longings of your people here, in whatever way that is best for us and for your kingdom. 


Lord, in your mercy 

Hear our prayer 


You are true, you are good, you are near. We worship and adore you Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  One God now and forever.



St. Andrew’s & St. Stephen’s is a “community of faith”, a fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s continue to uphold our family members who are struggling with their health during these days.


Those with long term difficulties - Jean & Alan Bone, Margaret Williams, David Ballentine, Liz Lilley, Lorne Dennis, Joanne Graham, Jim Hall, Dean Scott, Don Campbell, Kel Kejser, Penny McDonald, and David Forrest.


Keep praying for the missions we support on an ongoing basis – Mo & Wes Blackmon, Servants’ Anonymous, Inner Hope, YUGO Ministries, OMF, Camp Douglas, Cariboo Presbyterian Church, and our World Vision children.


During these strange times we want to pray for you. So we have created a new prayer email account. Send your prayer request to



SASS Church Finances


On behalf of the Session & Board – “thank you” to everyone for making the effort to keep your donations going to maintain the life and ministry at SASS, during these changing times.


There are a number of ways to continue supporting SASS during this pandemic.


Send a cheque to the church office, or you can drop your offering in to the secure letterbox attached to the Chesterfield Ave entrance door. This letterbox is checked and emptied every week day.


If you have a PAYPAL account - Go to our church homepage and scroll down and click on “DONATE NOW”. 


Using a credit card, or paypal you can donate to SASS through CanadaHelps.  Click on the following link to our donation form.


Sandi Romain can setup up for PAR (Pre-Authorised Remittance). This is a monthly direct debit from your bank account. Go to for more details. You need to download & complete the PAR authorisation and mail it directly to Sandi with a VOID CHEQUE. Sandi’s contact details are as follows :-

SANDI ROMAIN, 2208 Sorrento Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6H5



Thank you for continuing to support the life and ministry at SASS.





SASS Worship Service information


We continue to hold our Sunday worship services online, via ZOOM. The link to all SASS meetings and worship services is easily accessible. Just go to our homepage – and scroll down and click on the following graphic. The password to access our ZOOM meetings will be “sass” – lowercase, no quotes.


The ZOOM Meeting ID for our SASS worship services is – 795 930 7120


If you DO NOT have access to a computer / internet then you can phone in and listen to any SASS meeting / service using the above meeting ID.

  1. Dial 778 907 2071
  2. When prompted enter the Meeting ID: 795 930 7120, followed by #.
  3. You will be asked for a participant ID - just hit the # key.
  4. When prompted enter the password: 676824


PLEASE REMEMBER on Sundays to check that your MIC is muted and that your video is disabled / turned off, to limit bandwidth usage and potential on-screen distractions.

If you dial in using your phone please MUTE your phone, if that option is available.



Pastor Martin’s Musings



So last week I went to play golf. “Not another tale about golf,” I hear you cry.


Bear with me for a few moments. Last week I went to play golf in Whistler. Five courses in five days. I have never ever had an overnight golf trip in my life.


So it should not surprise you that I was excited to say the least. I had been practising hard for the experience. I was giddy about going.


But my game did not hold up to much. In fact most of the time my game was absolutely no where to be seen.


I went through a lot of emotions last week but one really got to me.


I was angry that from one shot to the next there was little if any consistency. I was disappointed with myself that I wasn’t able to keep my good play going for more than a few holes at a time. I was utterly confused by some of the shots. I was irritated that my practice play from the warm up times on the driving range did not transfer to the actual course.

I did have some very good shots and on the Thursday managed to string together six good opening holes. So there were times of joy and excitement that perhaps my game was finally coming together. Those times were short lived.


It felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions during each round but one emotion really got to me. It stuck with me all week and is gnawing at me even now.


I was embarrassed at my game.


Golf is an individual sport, sort of. The fact is most of the time you play a round of golf with up to three other players. Last week I played golf with a total of eight others during the five days. So there are eight people who had to stand by and witness my lack of game and join me in scratching their heads as much as I was doing.


It was very very embarrassing.


I remember growing up I was always easily embarrassed. Nothing in particular would cause the reaction but if I somehow ended up in a position where others were looking at me, or listening to me, I would so easily start to get redder and redder and redder. You could almost see the embarrassment rising up above my shirt collar until it covered my entire face transforming me into a little glowing beetroot.


Last week my face was beetroot a lot and it had nothing to do with the sun.


If you look up a thesaurus you’ll see that embarrassment is a synonym with words like ‘blushing’, ‘humiliation’ and ‘mortification’. Those later two words describe that reaction that If you get really really really embarrassed there is this tendency that you just want to curl up into a ball so no one can see you.


Oh if only I could have curled up last week after so many shots.


But enough about golf, I hear you cry again. Why am I telling you this? Am I just a sadist trying to humiliate myself again?


No, let me get to my musings.


As I have been reflecting this week and reading and preparing for this Sunday’s service I have been thinking about being embarrassed for Jesus.


I am not suggesting any of us should be embarrassed ABOUT Jesus nor am I suggesting we should want to curl up into a ball because of Jesus. In fact quite the opposite.


What might it be like to be embarrassed for Jesus? In other words to be seen in such a way that people take note of what is causing you to be embarrassed.


Last week the others knew why I was embarrassed. They could see it for themselves. What if others saw us and they just knew that we are the way we are because we love Jesus?


What if someone saw us, the way we talked, the way we lived our lives, the way we organise our schedules, the way we run our homes, and they could just see the glow, the radiating joy of the Lord shining forth from us? So much so, just like embarrassment, we can’t hide it. 


Last week I tried really really hard to play well so that I would not be embarrassed. But the harder I tried the worse I got.


That’s what happens with embarrassment. The more I try to stop the redness the quicker and deeper the redness appears. 


What if I could just not stop myself from showing my love for Jesus?


Wouldn’t that be a wonderful kind of embarrassment? 


I know it’s far from a good tag line – “let’s get embarrassed for Jesus.” Maybe one day it will make a good book title. 


But I hope that no matter what happens over these next few months, whether we get to meet in-person or not at SASS we will all still be seen to be disciples of our Lord and Saviour. The world does not need the ‘gathered-church’ to meet and sing hymns and choruses. But I do believe the world needs the ‘scattered-church’ to be symbols of life, and love, and hope in the midst of so much uncertainty and anxiety.


Years ago if someone said to me “are you one of those Bible thumping Jesus freaks?” I would have gotten embarrassed. Literally beetroot right on the spot.


My prayer is that someone will give me that opportunity to respond to that question and be able to tell them exactly why I am full of the joy of the Lord.


So, brothers & sisters in Christ – let’s get embarrassed for Jesus! Will you join me?


God bless,

Pastor Martin

Direct Line in Church Office – 604 770 1025