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SASS Weekly Newsletter - July 1 2020
by Pastor Martin

SASS Weekly Newsletter

July 1 2020



Canada Day




Let’s kick off this weekly newsletter with the “Canada Day Quiz”, otherwise known as “how good a Canadian are you?”


Email your answers to

  1. What famous DC Comics superhero was co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster?
  2. Daylight Savings Time was introduced in Canada by the federal government as a measure for increasing what type of production?
  3. The town of York, which was sacked by Americans in 1813, is now known as:
  4. What great hotel, built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, was constructed largely to attract international visitors?
  5. Canada has the world's longest coastline. In Km is it a) 100k-150k, b) 150k-200k, c)200k-250k, d) >250k 
  6. Why was November 11 chosen as Remembrance Day?
  7. Can you name the connection that Canadians have with Congo, Cyprus and Cambodia?
  8. The Hudson's Bay Company is the world's oldest chartered trading company. What product gave this company its start?
  9. What is the name of the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards?
  10. Who is Canada's head of state?
  11. Canada added provinces over time. In 1949, Newfoundland and Labrador became the 9th – True or False?
  12. Canada is a big country. How does it rank in the world in terms of size?
  13. At 1,661m above sea level, name the highest altitude settlement in Canada
  14. Canada has many national parks. Name the largest.
  15. Apart from the maple leaf name one other official national symbol of Canada?







June 28 2020 :– Sunday Worship

What a wonderful worship time we shared on Sunday, if I do say so myself? Jennifer Stokes, Colleen Finlayson and Somi Chuhon blessed us with their prayers and testimony. Thank you.


I interviewed Somi on Sunday and because she helps lead the choir at our 11:00pm services I asked her to choose a hymn that, given the opportunity, she would have loved for us to sing on Sunday. Somi chose “How Great Thou Art.”


She really wanted me to play the Sandi Patti version -


Having asked Somi to offer some comments on the hymn I think you will agree with me her response filled our hearts with praise. To connect the majesty of the Grand Canyon and then bring us back to God, sending His only Son to die for each of us individually truly reminds us of the incredible love of God. How Great Thou Art.


As if that was not enough to chew on for this coming week Somi then shared Proverbs 3:5-6 with us. What I love about those verses is that we are not encouraged to trust God with our minds, but our hearts. In other words, don’t just think and say you trust God, that you have faith in God, but live your live trusting in him, with your whole being. As Somi reminded us, given how the world has changed so much during this pandemic we must continue to trust that God is in this and at work to redeem this.


I introduced our summer sermon series on Sunday – “Questions Jesus Asked.” We are going to work through ten questions during July and August. I know it’s going to be a blessing to all of us. I know this because Jesus Christ is the Greatest Teacher that ever lived. When we open ourselves up to His teaching, His questions, we will be drawn in to Him and we will be challenged to respond to His calling on our lives. I am so looking forward to these next two months, especially given we will be hearing from Pastor Todd Wiebe, Pastor Daniel, Pastor Ken Bell and Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart, who are sharing this series with me.


If you did not get a chance to join in the worship time on Sunday please watch the recording of the service on our YouTube channel, which you can access through our homepage,, or by simple searching for “SASS Presbyterian” on YouTube.



Point of Clarification – In my sermon on Sunday I said “let’s be honest, standing before the Holy One, Jesus himself, everyone is unholy!” Even the impure spirit knew Jesus was “The Holy One.” I stand by my statement. However, Ephesians opens up with Paul making this statement, “to God’s HOLY people in Ephesus.” So who am I to argue with the Apostle Paul? I’m not going to, I hope. In simple terms I think in Mark 1 we are to think about holiness in terms of cleanliness and purity, and compared to Jesus none of us are even close to his perfect holiness. As for Paul, when he calls us holy, the word is being used in the sense of being set apart by God for God. You and I are indeed holy in that sense, set apart by God for God. Amen!


Last week’s Competition Time


Last week’s competition was “Name that Bird” – 10 Airline symbols.


Congratulations to Maria Aguilera, who successfully named all ten airlines.


Answers :- 1. Mexico Air, 2. China, 3. Hawaii, 4. Austria, 5. United / Continental, 6. Korea, 7. Iceland, 8. Ethiopian, 9. Air France, 10. Lufthansa




SASS’ Missions and Evangelism Ministry Team


“Servants’ Anonymous” is one of the charitable organisations we support.


This is their latest update.


Hello Champions For Freedom,


Well, what a strange and hard few months it has been for the world. From pandemic, to racial tension, the nation and world has been in a state of turmoil, confusion and fear. We have seen the best and worst of humanity, we have seen the pain of and heard the cry against injustice and have needed to depend on our loving God all the more for His mercy and wisdom. As an organization, a scripture that has shaped and formed us, from the beginning, and one that rings true and clear in todays climate is Micah 6:8:


'He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To ACT JUSTLY and to LOVE MERCY and to WALK HUMBLY with your God.'


We hope that you are finding peace and strength during this time and that you too will be able to lean into what God has for you in this season. He is a God that hates injustice- so we continue to share His heart; acting for justice, loving those on the margins the world often doesn't care to see and remaining in step with him as he leads and guides us.


We really wanted to take this time to connect with you and express our love and concern for you all during this challenging time. We hope that you and your families are well and are staying safe. We also wanted to update you on what's been happening with the SA Foundation during this season, and give you ideas on how you could pray and come alongside us.


News and Updates


  • Staff started working from home in March to ensure social distancing and help reduce administration costs.


  • The leaders throughout the global Programs have been finding new ways to support the women in their recovery journey- with the majority able to utilize 'Zoom' so that the necessary classes for their healing can continue online.


  • Within the Vancouver Program a classroom was set up within the safe house for the women's ongoing recovery classes as well as a designated area for them to continue with their Skill Development and Education Program. The women have adapted to these changes with incredible grace and perseverance.


  • The majority of the global Programs have been on strict lock-down which has been a real challenge for all. In developing nations such as Nepal, work has stopped and there is no government support to help provide crucial finances. This puts a large economic burden on many, but especially those already facing or in poverty.


  • We are unable to do our usual fundraising events and Global Wonders sales due to COVID-19 prevention measures. In early April we moved our Spring Bling event to become an online live event, something we will have to consider doing for future events. We are praying for creative ideas to help ensure we can provide the necessary finances for the Programs we support, to stabilize them through this difficult and unknown time.


  • EXCITING NEWS!!! Due to the generosity of some local community business people we will be setting up an 'SA Foundation Advocacy Centre' in Surrey, BC! We are very excited about this opportunity to connect with and engage our supporters in the Lower Mainland. We look forward to inviting you in the near future. 

  • SAF Prayer Blog – Would you partner with us in prayer? Go to the SAF prayer blog for more information -




Once again we were so so so very blessed to be led in our prayers of the people on Sunday.


I have asked Colleen Finlayson to include her prayer for our reflections this coming week.


Most Holy God – creator of all that is good and all that is beautiful.  We dare to call you Father/ OUR Father!

We come to you this morning with all our petitions, our sorrows and our needs.  Never before has the world view of our future been so clouded by uncertainly, by so much apprehension because of what it might bring.  Help us, who know YOU, who trust your promises, to find the words that might reassure others that you are with us as we watch and wait for the time of Christ’s return.


As we enter into phase 3 of this pandemic, there are mixed feelings of relief, but also anxiety about the possibility of a return.  Seldom has loneliness been so acute, or desperation been so pervasive.  Father God, look down upon the elderly who still long for physical touch and warm and caring family interaction.  Reassure our youth who need and yearn for social stimulation -  give them hope for the future, we pray.


Lord we pray for justice and freedom from abuse or racism everywhere. We pray that the pain and suffering that is experienced may be heard and not merely just debated.


Father we think of those countries in the midst of the Covid struggle who have more than sickness to contend with:  In India and many African countries they face starvation because of locust plagues, starvation, drought, while other countries are rocked by earthquakes and floods.  We so often lose hope because our lives have been disrupted, but help us remember those who cling to hope and fight for life when all would seem lost.  We pray earnestly for children in 3rd world countries who lose the right to an education, which so often, even in good times, eludes them. 


Lord, we pray also for all those who tend the sick and ask for renewed strength, that they may continue to fulfill their calling, even as the task appears to be insurmountable.  We pray also for policemen and firemen who, in normal times, put their lives in danger to serve us. And we pray too for those serving us in other capacities; working long hours and in the case of migrant workers, risking everything to provide for their families back home and who also face disease and starvation.


Heavenly Father, we pray for many who are out of work, for those who suffer from mental illness and addiction, for women and children who are victims of hunger and abuse - in these times particularly.  


Lord, please comfort those in ill health suffering through pain and despair.  May we be your loving arms around those who mourn.


Lord, we pray for the leaders of our communities, our provinces and for our Government; all who have such great responsibility.  May they see the need to seek Godly council so that they may govern wisely.

Father God, we also gather this morning to thank you for the quiet calm leadership we have received during this pandemic.  As we move into this next phase, may we not abandon the generosity of spirit that moved us to greater acts of kindness towards our neighbours.


And we thank you Father for our community of faith.  We thank you for the joy and strength we get from the fellowship of our church.  Help us to always see YOU in others, recognizing that we are all part of your glorious creation.


Heavenly Father, as undeserving as we are, yet we are loved and cherished by you.  You forgive us our sins again and again and ask only that we forgive others too.  Our cup runs over with gratitude for who you are, for sending your son, that through him we might know you and be saved and through him we might be blessed with your presence, throughout our lives. 


Lord God we confess that we often lose sight of this truth.  We become mired in self pitying sorrow for that which we do not have, for struggles we might have to endure, forgetting that it is these trials that bring us to our knees and into your presence.  Please remind us, Father, to ‘turn our eyes upon Jesus – to look full in his wonderful face; so that the things of earth can grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.’  As we give thanks for all our blessings, may we be ever joyful, patient and kind so that our 


Lord Jesus Christ can be seen in us.



Don’t forget, in order for us to pray and give thanks for each other we all need to share what’s going on in our lives. Send your prayer concerns, requests, stories by emailing



SASS COVID-19 Safety Plan


Due to the ongoing pandemic which will undoubtedly affect us for many months to come the Session have formulated a COVID-19 Safety Plan, so that anyone accessing the facility will do so in a way which minimises any risk of transmission of the coronavirus. This plan is a work in progress and we will revisit it as we move towards using the building for small groups etc in the Fall. The current working copy of the Safety Plan is posted on the church website, as per the BC Provincial Health Officer / WorkSafe BC regulations.


Following Dr. Henry’s guidance anyone entering the building at any time MUST sign in / sign out so that we can maintain our log book for the foreseeable future.



  Worship Service information

We continue to hold our Sunday worship services online, via ZOOM. The link to all SASS meetings and worship services is easily accessible. Just go to our homepage – and scroll down and click on the following graphic. The password to access our ZOOM meetings will be “sass” – lowercase, no quotes.


The ZOOM Meeting ID for our SASS worship services is – 795 930 7120


If you DO NOT have access to a computer / internet then you can phone in and listen to any SASS meeting / service using the above meeting ID.

  1. Dial 778 907 2071
  2. When prompted enter the Meeting ID: 795 930 7120, followed by #.
  3. You will be asked for a participant ID - just hit the # key.
  4. When prompted enter the password: 676824


PLEASE REMEMBER on Sundays to check that your MIC is muted and that your video is disabled / turned off, to limit bandwidth usage and potential on-screen distractions.

If you dial in using your phone please MUTE your phone, if that option is available.

Pastor Martin’s Musings

“You’ll never walk alone”


There was no chance of me not taking this opportunity to write about my favourite football team; Liverpool FC.


I have been a fan of them since I can remember. I grew up watching Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Ian Rush etc etc etc.


In 1990, under the management of king Kenny the Reds lifted the English League title for the eighteenth time, the last of eight titles they won in the 80s. They were awesome back then.


In 1992 the First Division broke away from the Football League and formed the Premiership. Was it the same thing as the old league with a new name? I think so, but somehow the new branding added a newness that inspired all the teams to strive for the ultimate success; of being crowned Premier League Champions.


Manchester United became the dominant force in the early 90s. (By the way, for those of you interested, sometimes when people ask me which team I support I respond “I am an ABU fan,” meaning Anybody But United.)


ManU have won the premiership 13 times, Chelsea 5, Man City 4, Arsenal 3, Blackburn Rovers 1, and Leicester City 1.


Count those years up. A total of 27 years. Six different teams, 27 years, but no Liverpool.


Finally, this year after a couple of near misses, Liverpool FC, at the end of a record breaking, pandemic affected season, are the Champions, of the 2019-2020 PL season.


Thirty years after winning their 18th league title. 


Why were they so good this season? They were better than good. They were brilliant.


To his credit Joseph Whiteside, an avid ManU fan, emailed this to me …


It has been a great season for Liverpool. 

By far the best and obviously most consistent team in the league.


Of course that gracious comment was followed up with a little dig “congrats on your first PL trophy.”


Anyways, moving swiftly on. Why were LFC so good this season, winning the premiership, despite having only played 31 of the possible 38 games?


The answer is this man; Jürgen Klopp. When he walked into Anfield for his first day as Liverpool manager on 8 October 2015, there was one keynote message from his public address.

"We must turn from doubters to believers,"

said the charismatic German as he sat in front of the cameras and lights of the world's media.

From that moment on Klopp has worked hard at getting anyone and everyone at LFC on the same page, working together to “raise the bar” according to some football pundits.


He has, to use an awful word, “united” Liverpool FC.


One of the aspects of LFC that I will forever remember was my first and only time I went to Anfield to see them play, and hearing the KOP sing the Liverpool anthem “You’ll never walk alone.” The song, originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel and later recorded by Liverpool musicians Gerry and the Pacemakers, is the club's anthem and has been sung by the Anfield crowd since the early 1960s.


In order to win, Klopp united the team and the club. They could not do it as a group of individuals. they had to come together. No one could walk alone.


If a football club believes this why would a church be any different?


A couple of weeks ago Pastor Todd preached from Ephesians 4 which opens with these words …


As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptismone God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.


I have so often heard that little phrase in Ephesians 4:5 being used to argue for which baptism is more correct than another. The idea of “one”, single and one-only is used to create and/or cause friction and factions and divisions in people who are supposed to all be God’s HOLY people, called by Him, for Him.


What if that phrase is Paul’s way of trying to UNITE everyone to say we are together because of the common baptism, common faith, ONE and ONLY Lord in whom we all believe and are following.


What if the church, God’s people, all united behind their leader, Jesus, and followed his every teaching. 


What if we truly became believers in Jesus.


Would we, could we do marvelous things? Could we become a team like the world has never seen before?


I wonder if we “never walked alone” would we be the salt and light Jesus sends us to be in a world suffocating in darkness?


God bless,

Pastor Martin

Direct Line in Church Office – 604 770 1025