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Book of the Month for 2008
by Winnie Bradford
Because Advent marks the beginning of the Christian year, The Book of the Month for December is The Bible.
References to the birth of Christ are found in the Old Testament as follows: Isaiah 7: 13-14;  9: 2-7 ; 11: 1-5.   In the New Testament, accounts of the Holy Birth are found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Look in Matthew 1: 18-24 and 2: 1-23 and in Luke 1: 5-80 and 2: 1-40.

There are many books in the Library that are centered around the events described in the New Testament in particular. Choose from books based on the history of His birth,  the origins of Christmas customs in Canada and around the world, the many stories and legends about Christmas, books full of ideas for food, decorations, celebrations and  activities that make this such a wonderful time of the year.

We have a large selection to choose from, both in the Library and in the church hall near the stage. Enjoy and celebrate!

Battlefield of the Mind
by Joyce Meyer.
Joyce Meyer Ministries have been helping people lead more satisfying and Godly lives for many years. In this book Joyce explains that how we think directly influences our actions. We can change our lives by changng our minds. This is not an easy task. It takes courage, perseverence, and the help we can access in Holy Scripture. Throughout the book, Joyce quotes relevant passages of Scripture to help give us the mindset to overcome our fears and difficulties.

3:16, The Numbers of Hope
by Max Lucado.
The title refers to the book of John, chapter 3, verse 16, which is a much-quoted verse from the New Testament. The verse is found in John’s account of the clandestine visit of Nicodemus to Jesus. Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a Torah scholar, and a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin, and yet he found himself so intrigued by the words and actions of Jesus that he just had to go and talk to Him in person.Max Lucado, in his trademark folksy style of writing, analyses the verse phrase by phrase to get to the depths of meaning it contains. There is no doubt that this verse goes to the very core of our faith and is worth the time it takes to explore it fully.

Family Squeeze
by Alberta author Phil Callaway.
Phil is well-known to Library patrons as he writes about family matters with great insight and humour. In Family Squeeze, he describes the challenges faced by parents who are raising teenagers and also looking after aging family members.

July and August - no selection.

Dangerous Surrender
by Kay Warren.
Kay is the wife of well-known preacher Rick Warren, the Author of the best-selling book,The Purpose-riven Life.

A trip to Africa brought home to Kay the devastation caused by years of warfare and by the Aids epidemic. She was overcome with the horror of the plight of millions of fellow human beings and of feeling totally inadequate to be of any help.
While dealing with the emotional aftermath of her time there, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kay’s struggle to find God’s will for her life in the face of these painful disabilities is told with honesty and a great depth of feeling. She readily admits that her struggle is far from over, but day by day she is surrendering her will to His.

Moving from Fear to Freedom
by Grace Fox.
In this book the author tackles the fears that often beset women and prevent them from realizing their potential in Christ. Fear of inadequacy as a woman, as a wife, as a mother, fears for one’s children, fear of an uncertain future or for financial security, are just some of the fears that Fox mentions.

The problem of fear is a serious subject but the author writes with grace, wisdom and humour about how to face and deal with each situation.

The Shack
by William P. Young.
Three years after the disappearance and presumed murder of his six-year-old daughter, a father receives a terse note inviting him to meet with “Papa” at an old tumbledown shack in the mountains. Despite serious misgivings, he makes the journey and encounters three strangers. From then on he experiences a mind-blowing weekend. This book may shake you to your core. It will definitely challenge you to examine your own concepts of God and of the Trinity. I can say no more. You’ll just have to read it.

Behold the Man
by Rev. Dr. Bobby Ogdon.
Dr. Ogdon is well known to this congregation as a preacher, a singer, and a friend. He is also a Hebrew scholar and is very knowledgeable about the life and times in which Jesus lived. Some of the people he profiles in this book are mentioned in the Bible as being present at the crucifixion of our Lord. The others are people who met Jesus at some time in their lives and Rev. Ogdon believes they were at Golgotha on that fateful day. He captures the emotions of each of them as they reflect on the impact that Jesus has had on their lives during His brief ministry.

Blue Like Jazz
by Donald Miller.
The blurb on the jacket says, “For anyone wondering if the Christian faith is still relevant in a post-modern culture.” This book makes me realize the gulf that exists between people in my age bracket (over 65) and those of the next generation who struggle to have a genuine face-to-face with the living God. I found it humbling to read the various stories that Miller has to tell about his contemporaries.

Jesus in Beijing by David Aikman.
In this book, David Aikman recounts the fascinating story of how Christianity began in China, the bloody anti-Christian persecutions, (especially under the Communists), the revival of an underground Christian movement led by brave men and women risking death, and the flowering of Christianity today, though still under persecution.

Within the next thirty years, one third of China’s population could be Christian, making China one of the largest Christian nations in the world. These Christians could also be China’s leaders, guiding the largest economy in the world.

What is happening in China is what happened to the Roman Empire two millennia  ago - a great power transformed by the Gospel. The results could be astonishing.