Evenings of Encounter

Rather than merely studying a printed text I am urging all of us to recapture a desire to encounter the person who gave us His Word as a gift in order to meet Him in it, through it, by living it. After all, the Bible is NOT words to merely read and memorise, it is an invitation to grow in relationship with The Word, who became flesh and dwelt among us.

We began this journey early in 2013 and have thus far looked at Genesis, Joshua and Mark.

How does our encounter evenings work?

In advance of the evening I am inviting you to read the planned book(s) of the Bible, to do your own encounter through that book for a period of approximately four weeks. As you read it ask yourself …

  1. What is God revealing about himself in this book?
  2. What is God revealing about yourself in this book?
  3. How does this book fit in to the overall story of the Bible? In other words – why do we have it at all? What is its connection to Jesus? (If Jesus is, and I believe he is, the center of everything, then how does the book point to Him?)
  4. As I have been reading (re-reading) this book what major encounter am I having, experiencing?
  5. What do I hear the Spirit say to me personally in this book?

Then on the scheduled evening we will meet together, when I will teach for 90 min or so and we can have a question & answer session.

That is it. Simple! As you can see this is NOT a time consuming commitment. I believe all of us can read one book each month. In fact I think most of us spend more time watching hockey games than it would take to read a book each month. 

Encounter Date

Book of the Bible

Nov 30, 2014

  1 & 2 Kings



Jan 25, 2015 - Polly Long


Feb 22, 2015 - Laura Lockhart




 March 29, 2015


 April 26, 2015


 May 31, 2015