Lent 2021

What are we going to do when CoVID-19 is a thing of the past?


All of us hope and pray that at some point in 2021 we will swing open the doors at SASS and reboot our weekly ministries. But is that going to be as easy as it sounds? Will things be the same as before? Highly unlikely I’m guessing. What is SASS going to look like at that time? What vision do we have for moving forward in the post-CoVid world?


As I have been thinking about that I have been drawn to the seven letters Jesus spoke to the seven churches, recorded for us in Revelation 2 & 3. They are letters not merely for a specific time and occasion in the past, they are written to each and every church down through the ages. These letters are written to SASS for a post CoVID-19 time. Maybe we should read them. Maybe we should ponder them. Maybe we should pray through them. Maybe we should meditate on them. Maybe, just maybe, God wants to speak to SASS through these letters.


This Lent we are going to reflect on and pray through these letters, in a mid-week Wednesday night series, running from Ash Wednesday, February 17th, until March 31st. The plan is to meet via ZOOM for 30 minutes each Wednesday evening, 7:30-8pm, for a short reflection on each letter in turn and then pray for our church, for The Church, as we yearn for post-CoVID days that will come, soon.


The basic outline for each evening looks something like this …


         7:30-7:40     Read the letter for that week

         7:40-7:45     Short reflection

         7:45-8:00     Prayer Time


         I will lead us in prayer but I am inviting you to pray at home, with MICs muted so that we will be praying together in a cacophony of prayer.


Following that we will all have one week to meditate on each letter. What is Jesus saying to you, me, to all of us, about how to be as faithful as possible when some sort of normal returns. I’d love to hear your reflections, suggestions, ideas, so drop me an email – pastormbaxter@gmail.com


Lord Jesus, speak to each and every one of us through your letters. What specifically is your Spirit saying to us? Amen.